Choose the Best for You in 4-Wheel Drive or All-Wheel-Drive

At first the difference between 4-wheel-drive and all-wheel drive can seem a bit intimidating until you have the difference explained to you. Here at Fox Toyota of Cadillac, we are happy to do just that and let you drive the different vehicles too.

All-wheel drive is mostly used in all makes and models where a cars, high-performance vehicles or sedans are the vehicles in question. 4-wheel-drive is used more in off-road vehicles such as trucks and SUVs that are larger in size. The all-wheel-drive vehicles send a constant flow of power to each wheel which varies some according to the conditions of the pavement. The 4-wheel-drive vehicles use differentials that are locking nature and gear ratios that that are a low range, making the vehicle more stable over rough terrain.

So you will receive the all-wheel drive or the 4-wheel-drive depending on the type of vehicle that you buy. This is factored by the use that you want to put your vehicle through.

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