Fluid Service Should Be Above All

If your vehicle isn’t filled to the brim with fluids, it’s probably not in good shape. Most everyone knows what gas or diesel is. However, if you can’t name the other handful or two of fluids that are tucked away in vehicles, you should consider educating yourself to keep you, your car, and any passengers – as well as the passerby on roadways you’re traveling on – safe.

Transmission fluid’s appropriateness can be checked by smelling it. Pull the dipstick out of the hood space, wipe fluid on a towel or rag, then observe the color. If it’s not golden or brown – rather, a blackish color – you should flush it and add more. Similarly, if the transmission fluid smells burnt, changing it is a must. Engine oil is replaced every 3,500 to 6,000 miles, roughly. Aim to add your manufacturer’s recommended type of oil to keep it running appropriately.

Don’t know where to start with reference to fluids in your vehicle? Contact us at Fox Toyota of Cadillac for more information.

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