Kitty Litter Is Great For Winter – Here’s Why

The winter months – and even October and November, for areas up north – are not kind to anyone, even those fully prepared for the snow, sleet, hail, freezing rain, and black ice that’s associated with this time of year. Even though the United States – except for Alaska; sorry, Alaska – isn’t as stricken by these types of precipitation as badly as other parts of the world, especially our neighbors up north in Canada, we should always prepare not only ourselves but our vehicles for current and upcoming months.

You should carry kitty litter in your car or truck at all times. If your car gets stuck, pour kitty litter under the tire that’s stuck, then drive. Repeat until you’re free. Consider carrying sand, too, for the same purpose. Sand can also be used on hard surfaces, like your driveway.

Also, even though salt can melt ice, it’s not as useful for the above situations. Call our staff at Fox Toyota of Cadillac for any ideas about your winter-months driving.
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