Toyota’s Fine-Comfort Ride lives up to its name

How nice is it to slide into your comfortable chair and put your feet up? Maybe you like to enjoy a book or maybe watch a movie? So how nice would it be if that was an option in your car? With Toyota's Fine-Comfort Ride that may soon be a reality.

The hydrogen based electric powered car was recently on display at the Tokyo Motor Show and it may be the next chapter in eco-friendly technology. The power generated goes to all four wheels and Toyota is estimating that it can travel over 600 miles on one charge so you can travel in comfort.

The Fine-Comfort Ride lives up to its name with three rows of seating. The chairs in the first two rows swivel and have recliner-style leg rests. The back seat is a bench seat. The interior has multiple touchscreens and a concierge function.

Toyota remains committed to developing new eco-friendly technology and Fox Toyota of Cadillac supports that effort. For more information contact us and our staff can help you find the right vehicle for you.

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