Big Performance for a Little Car: The 2018 Ford C-Max

The 2018 C-MAX is Ford's answer to the recent demand for more efficient compact hybrids, and it certainly answers. With unrivaled power for a hybrid of its size, and incredible performance, the C-MAX has quickly become a popular addition to the wishlist of almost any hybrid enthusiast.

The 2018 Ford C-MAX offers up 188 combined horsepower; the absolute best in its class, and it puts every single one of them to use, wasting almost nothing. The vehicle is fast for a compact hybrid as well, reaching up to 85 miles-per-hour when in all-electric mode. It has its engines to thank for the power it can deliver, with its electric motor and gas engine working together.

But it has its bevy of performance features to thank for its incredible efficiency. Foremost among them is the regenerative braking system, which allows the vehicle to recycle over 90 percent of the energy that's normally lost when a vehicle brakes.

If you're interested in the features of the C-MAX, and you're in the North Aurora area, then stop by Fox Valley Ford today to schedule a test drive the 2018 Ford C-MAX.

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